We Need YOU, Not Super Heroes
By Stu Hubbard, Sr
December 11, 2018

I am often told by folks, “I could never do what you all do,” meaning that they could not go out in an ambulance or fire truck and save lives or property. I then ask if they drive a car. Yes of course they reply, then I say that an ambulance is just a much larger four wheeled vehicle with a big red box on the back. You don’t have to be the Emergency Medical Technician, we need drivers too. In fact none of us could do any of what we do until we were trained, and the more practice we got, the less scary it all became. Aren’t most things in life that way? They start out a little out daunting and by the time we are trained and we practice, it becomes second nature.

Not all Volunteers ride the ambulance or fire trucks, some are called Supporting Members, help us maintain everything else in the background, and never ride a shiny red thing with black tires (unless you want to). They maintain the website, occasionally cook, organize, and administer; there is a lot to do there as well!

Yes but Stu, how much time does it take, you know how busy I am. If you ride the ambulance we would like you to volunteer “about” 30 hours per month to maintain your skills. If you are a Supporting Member it can vary depending on your responsibilities, but will generally be less than that. YOU decide which kind of Volunteer you want to be and remember, you are first and foremost a Volunteer. You fit us into your schedule, not the other way around.

Want to know if you’ll fit in, here are what some of us do for a living (you won’t see Super Hero listed here):

• Plumbing Warehouse Manager
• Software Manager
• Trainer for the Military
• Attorney
• Home School Mom
• Executive Assistant
• Emergency Medical Technician
• Jail Guard
• Aerospace Industry
• Retired Printer
• Government Contractor

. . . the same folks you live next door to, see at church, or at the grocery store.

Want to know more? Contact me at shubbardsr@buckhallvfd.org or our Membership Chairman Luke McBride at lmcbride@buckhallvfd.org. No high pressure sales tactics, we’ll just answer your questions.

Warm regards,


Stuart Hubbard, Sr.
Buckhall VFD