General Information

The Buckhall Volunteer Fire Department (BVFD), located at 7190 Yates Ford Road, Manassas, Virginia 20111, in the mid-county area of Prince William County, is dedicated to the preservation of the lives and property of both its residents and visitors. Since 1983 the BVFD has provided emergency medical and fire suppression services to the county and the surrounding localities through volunteer and career staffing of two engines, two ambulances, a brushtruck and a hazardous materials containment unit.

BVFD is devoted to supporting the community it serves through outreach and special events such as barbeques, Fire Prevention and EMS Week open houses and station tours, the annual “SantaFest” and public education.

Please view our site and if you are interested in volunteering as an active Emergency Medical Technician or a FireFighter or as a supporting member, download and submit a copy of our membership application. We are always looking for people interested in helping our neighbors and serving the community.

Our History

Joseph R. Kemper

The Buckhall Volunteer Fire Department was founded in 1981, following the creation of the Buckhall Fire District the year before.

Continuing in his lifelong service to the public, Mr. Joseph R. Kemper spearheaded the establishment of the Buckhall Volunteer Fire Department. Following a 24-year career with the Virginia Department of Forestry, during which he taught countless fire safety & prevention classes to area youth, Mr. Kemper foresaw a need for a local fire department in Buckhall long before it became a vision to others.

After the founding in 1981, the BVFD began officially answering calls for assistance in September of 1984 on an assist basis, and took full responsibility for our “first due” area in May of 1985.

Mr. Kemper was instrumental in every step of the development of our department, even donating land on which to build a temporary station while the permanent facility was being constructed on Davis Ford Road. We broke ground on that station on March 31, 1985, just days before Mr. Kemper passed away on April 21, 1985. But Mr. Kemper remains a part of this department, with our station being known to this day as “Kemper Station”.

A lot has changed since our founding. With Northern Virginia’s explosive growth over the past few years, our call volumes have steadily increased with thousands of new residents coming into the area.

But one thing has stayed the same: The dedication of our members to this community.

Today, the Buckhall Volunteer Fire Department is supported by Operational and Supporting members. “Operational” members are responsible for responding to calls for assistance, while “Supporting” members assist with the administrative tasks in the department, such as fundraising, social events, catering, and more. In addition to those dedicated members, our station is supported during peak hours by Prince William Fire & Rescue career staff.

As our community grows, so does our need for dedicated volunteers. What better way to give back to those than by volunteering your time as a member of the Buckhall Volunteer Fire Department? Learn more about membership with our department on our membership information page, or join us today by applying for membership online. You may also e-mail our membership Chair at for more information.