Join our department

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Buckhall Volunteer Fire Department! At BVFD, we offer three types of membership: Operational, Supporting, and Junior.

Operational members train to become firefighters and EMTs.

Supporting members help with fundraising, community and public safety events, station events, administrative task that keep the station running smoothly, and more.

Junior members [age 16+] are also able to train to become firefighters and EMTs.

BVFD members are offered exciting opportunities for advanced training and can even receive college credit for some classes. Members are also eligible for several other benefits, including a retirement program offered through Prince William County.

While volunteering is a commitment that takes serious dedication, our members take pride in knowing that they are making Buckhall and surrounding communities a better, safer place for everyone.

Whether you join as an operational, supporting, or junior member, you will become a vital member of our BVFD family and are sure to experience all of the fun and excitement that we have to offer.

Are you ready to make the commitment? Fill out a membership application!

Questions? Call the membership voicemail at 703-368-0859 ext. 505 or email us at membership@BuckhallVFD.org.